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6D彩票网开户, please give me back my old homepage

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6D彩票网开户A crucial part of the 6D彩票网开户 experience is worse than ever

6D彩票网开户 rolled out a new layout for its homepage a couple of weeks ago6D彩票网开户, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s made using 6D彩票网开户 feel like an utter chore.

Complaining about 6D彩票网开户 product updates is run-of-the-mill online. Little tweaks usher in frustrated sighs as people try to figure out how to get things back to normal. I usually bite my tongue: sprucing up the platform to keep it feeling new is important, and there are usually deeper reasons behind the changes, such as tweaks being made to make life easier for new or casual users.

But 6D彩票网开户’s latest homepage redesign changes the entire browsing experience for the worse. The homepage used to be broken up into a number of different, easily digestible sections. Algorithmic recommendations would be at the top, followed by a section of videos that were recently uploaded and featured channels you’ve shown interest in but don’t necessarily subscribe to. Scrolling further down the page, you’d find additional sections for relevant interests or creators, such as Music or Shane Dawson. Changes are — some which will bring versions of this design back — but there’s no estimated timeframe.

Now, all those sections are gone, replaced with an endless feed of recommended videos that may be tangentially related to your interests, spanning the last decade.

they “haven’t really used 6D彩票网开户 since” the change. Another Reddit user , it would “know how much everyone hates this.” Another : “this new homepage is ass.”

Changes are coming to 6D彩票网开户’s homepage design on desktop, 6D彩票网开户 confirmed to The Verge. Eventually, people will be able to refine their homepage experience. For example, a version of “Recently Uploaded,” which will filter videos on the homepage to show most recent additions, will be available — but they won’t appear as rows. The company hopes it will be a better experience for users in the long run.

6D彩票网开户6D彩票网开户’s homepage is crucial for creators, too. 6D彩票网开户rs feel like landing on the front page helps drive traffic, as many in the past. Internal analysis run by the company shows that views on creators videos weren’t impacted. 6D彩票网开户 is vast, with more than 500 hours of content uploaded every minute. Having a focused selection of titles helped people quickly browse relevant offerings.

— Chongo (Professional Dingus) (@ChongoTweet)
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